Lake View Park International Scout Centre

The summit which is on a promontory in the Lake view Park within the 57-acre land belonging to Dharmaraja college, provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. The Park is modeled on the famous Gilwell Park in London consists of rally grounds, camp sites, campfire circle, the Den, Kitchen complex, lecture rooms and dormitories.


Being the home for the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout group, Lake View Park International Scout Centre is Sri Lanka's one of the most prestige scout centre as the founder of scout moment Load Baden Powell him self has visited this very location.

Geographically, situated in the centre of the hill country mountain range which it self is a in a shape of a Anchor and the Lake View hill being the center of it.

The Lake View hill or better known as the Dharmaraja Hill is the heights among the mountains surrounding the capital city of Central Province of Sri Lanka, Kandy.

With its pictures location and the view of Kandy lake "Lake ViewPark" is one of the best pace any scout can camp at in this paradise island Sri Lanka.

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