Old Rajans Scout Association is the gathering of past scouts of 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group. The association is the pioneer old scouts’ association established in Sri Lanka, is playing an invaluable role in promoting the Scout Movement in Dharmaraja College, in the District of Kandy and generally in the whole of Sri Lanka. 

ORSA is formed in 12th November1978. Primary objective of the association is to maintain strong ties with the 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group and work towards the betterment of Scouting at Dharamaraja College.

Our Objectives,

  • Retain 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group as the number one scout group of Sri Lanka.
  • Enhance the quality of scouting at Dharmaraja
  • Develop Lake View Park Scout centre into world class scouting facility
Since it's inception in 1978, Old Rajans Scouts Association carrying out activities in align with 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group's need as well as the well-being of whole scouting world. The association conducts its activities to it's year plan consisting of programes ranging from community development programs to international scout jamborees. 

Together with 1st Kandy Dharmaraja Scout Group, the association has successfully organized six international scouting events including Jamborees, Jims, Adventure Programs including RISGO 2013, which is considered to be one of the best scout events to be held in Sri Lanka.

Upcoming Events

  •  Founder's Day Almsgiving at Asgiri Maha Priven Vihara on 29th June 2017
  •  Rajan Cub Scout Celebrations - CENRAC on 7th and 8th October 2017 at Lake View Park International Scout Centre. For more info CENRAC